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404 Error Page

404 Error Page

best 404 error page

Viewers will land on your 404 page. Don’t beat yourself up about it, it just happens and usually when some unknowing admin deletes pages on your website without setting up 301 redirects.

Users land on this page because they’re looking for something your website offers, but that information just doesn’t happen to be on that particular URL any longer.

Most sites default to display a message that the page no longer exists. This is entirely useless and leaves the visitor at a dead end thinking, “well that didn’t work; guess I’ll try a different website.”

At this point, they exit your website, causing your bounce rate to increase and other critical metrics to decrease, while skewing all your web analytics for the worse.

Instead, 404 pages need to offer options, including helpful resources, an internal search bar, even a sitemap so visitors can quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

Different industries and different audiences will dictate what option works best. Below are some examples of 404 pages that are actually useful, or at that very least, entertaining.

Because most online audiences have a great deal of crossover when it comes to the content preferences of a 404 page, these examples could work for nearly any industry.



Chris A. Hughes